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Tomorrow is our anniversary. I decided since I didn't want to stop revisions for anniversary things, or for going to the Bon Jovi concert Saturday, it was clear I should just wait til Monday to start the frakking things. So I've been working on the fourth Chance script and introducing debela to Fairport Convention's music. (Hm. annathepiper, you might like Fairport Convention, too!) I got about five pages written, and I donno how I'm doing the next transition, so I'm done for the day.

Ted is a hero of the revolution, and went into Cork in the POURING RAIN to get the kitty cats their food. Then he came home and slaved over a hot stove and made me a pot roast dinner, AND cleaned the kitchen. I have a very wonderful husband. *beam* I'm going to go make some cookies for him now. :)

Oh, and it turns out that if !netflix doesn't get its movies to you within the stated 2 days, they'll send the next two on the list. So even though we've got two movies right now (the one that was late did arrive), they're sending two more! Pride & Prejudice! Yay!

And oh HEY Neil answered my question! I was so surprised this morning I almost stopped breathing! *laugh* *does a little giggly dance*!

This icon has nothing to do with any of that. I just made it a couple days ago and haven't had a chance to use it, and I LIKE it, so I'm using it. That's my favorite Rogue quote ever, and I believe it has not ever actually been used in the comics. (lithera, can you back me up on that?) I need to write X-Men comics JUST so I can get it in there, for God's sake.

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