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Misty Wolf at Dublin Zoo
Misty Wolf At Dublin Zoo
This is a bit of a test to see how well this WordPress gallery works. I’ve long since concluded I’m never going to manage Project 365 (at least not for some years yet), but I’d like to try /posting/ a picture a day, anyway, even if I don’t take one daily. I’m sure I can auto-set it to post, which would help, but even if not, I can give it a stab. And that might help me make an effort to get out and take more pictures, which would be great.

Oh, hey, look. It works fairly splendidly. Awesome!

I’ve been wanting to launch this idea all year (all 36 days of it), but I was waiting to get back up and redesigned, which it now is! It’s still undergoing a lot of renovation–I’m going to amalgamate into it, because I lack the spoons to manage two sites, and is the one that suffers for it. So mizkit’s got a lot of pages to be folded in, and there’s still a bunch of fiddly detail work to work out, final decisions about color schemes to be made, etc, but the heavy lifting in terms of major design work is done.

And for this I am exceedingly grateful to, who has tackled the redesign with equanimity, speed and skill that I cannot match. The former web designer in me is one part envious, and the current novelist is five parts thrilled. :)

I am every bit as grateful to Laura Soapturtle for bailing my ass out in terms of hosting, and for not biting my head off when I’ve come to her with a dozen finicky problems. I have awfully, awfully good friends. *happy dance*

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