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So last night I was catching up on Guy Gavriel Kay's journal instead of going to sleep as I should have been, and I'm skimming along and something italicized caught my eye as I flashed past it:

Meeting Guy Gavriel Kay pretty much turned me into a gibbering idiot. The worst part was that he’s kind of shy, so after I babbled at him I literally couldn’t figure out a way to keep–or more accurately, *start*–an actual coversation. “I love your books!” I said to him. “They make me cry!”

“Everybody says that,” he responded, a little wryly. “I’m afraid that’s what they’ll put on  my gravestone: “He made me cry.””

Me: *inane attempts to assure him I meant it in a good way, followed by slinking off feeling silly*

Huh, I thought as I skimmed by, that sounds like something I'd write. Or wrote. Wait. WAIT. I DID WRITE THAT!WHAT?!? *scrolls back, discovers that yes, in fact, I have been name-checked in GGK's journal, turns purple from blushing*!

Anyway, the post was about author encounters, and somebody had pointed him at a guest blog I'd done recently where I was asked if there were any writers that made me weak in the knees at the idea of meeting, to which I responded the above. :) He said he wasn't actually shy, and I admitted that possibly my SHEER NERVOUSNESS had caused me to attribute shyness to him when it was really more panic and flailing on my part. :)

And then this morning he'd emailed me to say "Next time we're in the same area, find me, and if you eschew nervousness I shall endeavor not to be shy!"

Excuse me while I do a totally dorkalicious fanboy dance. :)
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