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Bulwer-Lytton contest winners!

The Bulwer-Lytton contest winners of MOUNTAIN ECHOES are:

Amy Bennett, for
As I tenderly ran my hands through Coyote’s thick, slightly damp fur, my searching fingertips brushed over several small raised imperfections, causing me to wonder if  he  had become an unfortunate host to a horde of parasitic dog fleas, (Ctenocephalides canis), whose fairer sex can lay 4,000 eggs each, which had me considering which style and hue of flea collar would best coordinate with his gorgeous 1934 Indian Chief motorcycle.

kesmun, for
It was a dark and stormy night; the rain not only fell in torrents, but splashed back up to cloud the vision of our heroine as she tromped through the streets (for it is in Seattle that our story begins), creating rainbow-hued runnels in the gutters and miniature ponds in the eddies of the corners.

Plumfan Rockwell, for
It was a bright and sunny day; the sun shone down in bright beams blinding Morrison-except at occasional intervals when the clouds, an unremarkable occurrence in Seattle, would skitter across her cosmic sphere, to the scene taking place below his office window.

Sandy Giden, for
Gary stood next to his taxi looking down the rain slicked street into a fog so thick that it turned the street lights into miniature pale moons partly covered by whispy clouds hoping that Cernnunous' horde wouldn't come riding out of it like a pack of armour clad hell hounds.

steelneko, for
In her thirty-sixth straight hour of being awake and trying to save Seattle's Chinatown from being destroyed by a rampaging yaoguai, Jo suddenly realized that Morrison's eyes were the same brilliant shade of blue as those jugs of watered-down washer fluid you could buy at the questionable run-down middle-of-nowhere gas stations that dotted the interstate here and there, the ones where you were never quite sure whether the clerks wanted to get your money and get you gone as soon as possible, or kidnap you and string you up in some kind of Oklahoma Chainsaw Massacre for being a nosy outsider prying into things you shouldn't; it was such a distinctive color, she wondered why she'd never made the connection before.

eme369, for
Jo walked, not too fast and not too slow, down the cobblestone sidewalk that was so mismatched it looked like the stones had just been cobbled together, as she made her way to the airport to fly home to a place where she no longer had a job because she had been gone for three months when she should have been gone but one, all the while blissfully unaware in her misery that by the end of the day (or by the next morning, at the very least) she would no longer be plain Joanne Walker but would again be weighted, occultly, with the appellation of Joanne Walkingstick (not that she would let anyone, even herself, call her by it), though it would be many a month before she would come to fully embrace her new kick-assedness.

msgodiva1, for
It was the worst of years, it was the best of years, except the normalcy in the rare moments between learning experiences, assignments, murder, magic, misconceptions about Muldoon, mingling with gods, ghosts, gathering spirit guides, driving Morrison's crazy, out of body experiences, a few sword fights, some fur flying, and the undead, in other words adventures in growing into a new soul of two cultures.

(Yes, there are 7, not 6, because I gave away a couple extras over on FB in thanks to the people who came up with the contest ideas, so I thought I'd do an extra one here too. :))

Kristy Moen, for
Mountain Echoes are
Swift blowing winds over a
Bright white capped summit

Shannon O'Dea, for
everybody knows
old dogs cannot learn knew tricks
unless you're Muldoon

Karl Kloeden, for
nʞıɐɥ sıɥʇ ʇsnɾ ɹo
uʍop ǝpısdn ǝɟıl ɹǝɥ pǝuɹnʇ puɐ
ǝʞoʍɐ ɔıƃɐɯ s,oſ

Deborah Blake, for
Joanne fights for Good
Against impossible odds
Gary has her back

Diane P. DesAutels, for
Joanne Walkingstick:
Her own past and other realms
This shaman remade

April Koenig, for
Watchful guardians
Coyote, Raven and Snake
Sleep girl, you are loved
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