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comic stuff

I found myself an inker for Chance, if I can afford him. He's doing a test page and I'll pay him as much as I can bloody afford, because he's a *very* good inker. This is definitely a problem with doing a comic book out of pocket and having a Certain Expectation as to the level of quality I want to produce. @.@

Fuck. Can't afford him. Can't afford him in a big way. $60/p. Fuck. I'm not paying my *artist* that much. Damn. Damn damn damn. Well, at least you can go admire his inks (and other stuff) online.

*sigh* Well, I emailed several others back, too. We'll see if anybody pans out. Damn. Disappointed now.

Crap. Having a hard time holding together posting thoughts in my brain. I've had this window open for like 40 minutes.

Got outbid on the Rogue poster. Oh well.

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