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So I called ahead to the shop and they said yes, the D5200 would be in at about 11, as that was their regular delivery time. I went over about half eleven and of course because she'd promised, the shipment hadn't come in.

So I had a look at a D600 just to get a feel for the size, which she said was similar to a D7K. And then I stood around chatting with her, camera in hand, until I concluded that no, it really was too heavy for me to use comfortably. "All right," she said, and got out the D5100.

Now, the primary thing keeping me from going for the 5100 in the first place was that it lacks the panoramic stitching. However, roughly 245907 of you said "pshaw, use software for that," which meant by the time I got to the shop my attachment to the panoramic aspect of the 5200 was weakened. And the D5100 *does* have an in-camera automatic focus motor, which for some bizarre reason the 5200 lacks, and that was a distinct count against the 5200. And like the 5200, the 5100 fit my hands nicely, weighing less than my D50 does.

So she managed to downsell me by €305, which, well, lads, upselling: ur doin it rong. OTOH, customer for life. :)

Actually, possibly also a friend, because we're of roughly the same age (I said something about my 20 year old film Nikon and she said, "You're dating yourself, but you can't be older than I am. You're what, 34?" "39," I said, and she said, "I want your skin care regime." *laughs*), both like photography, both have 2.5 year old sons, and had a lovely time chatting, so hey. She gave me her email address. Yay! Friends! :)

Anyway, the shop was *so* much more what I like out of--well, almost any kind of shop, than what the other place I've been to is. It's small and crowded and family run and peopled with friends who hang around drinking tea and giving out to the customers. A slight older gentleman and another man of equal age but well-bearded were doing just that, and as herself and I were talking, the slight one said to me, "Do you think you two could keep it down? We're trying to have a conversation here."

"We could," I said thoughtfully, "but we're not going to." This caused huge laughter and nigh-unto applause from the shop owners and bearded bloke, and herself said to him, "She's got your number!"

"I live in hope," he said, and pressed his hand over his heart. *laughs*

So yes. Customer for life even if they hadn't downsold me, and ALSO they said a diagnostic on the D50 really shouldn't cost all that much--no more than a hundred--that the error was common, and that they'd give me the details for the man to call about it, because it was certainly worth discovering whether it would be easily fixable. This versus the "It'll cost you 125 quid just to have it diagnosed and probably twice that again to have it fixed," from the other shop. Fuck 'em, sez I, and feed 'em fishheads.

Oh! And when I went in I noticed the rows of B&W film on the wall and said, "Wow, T-MAX, I haven't seen that in a *long* time," and she said they sold loads of it, and then when it transpired that I still had my film Nikon and we'd spent a fair bit of time talking about the beauty of B&W photography, particularly in the grain which just cannot be matched by Photoshop effects, she handed me a roll of--well, she gave me Tri-X, because it's better film (unless, in fact, you're *really* going for grain, which I always found T-MAX to be great for)--but anyway, the point is, she gave me a roll of B&W film and challenged me to shoot it within the month.

Now, a roll of film is peanuts compared to what I was spending on a camera, but I still thought that was really *awesome*. And now I have to dig out my old Nikon and shoot a roll of B&W film with it. *beams*

So if you're in need of a camera in Dublin, let me highly recommend the John Gunn Camera Shop, where they're utterly splendid. :)
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