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terrible geek

Or perhaps very good geek. It's hard to tell the difference. I was poking around ebay last night (always a bad sign) and came across one of the--well, I'd seen them at train stations, but they call them bus shelter--X3 promotional posters. For Rogue, obviously; none of the others would tempt me. By "tempt" I mean "when we were in New York and taking the train out to Sunnybrook, we went by a number of stations that had X3 posters, and I was tempted to get off and steal one of the Wolvie ones and if I'd seen a Rogue one I think I might actually have done it", so while there is no earthly need for a 4x6 poster, I, er, bid on it anyway.

The bid price, however, immediately shot up to within a few dollars of what I'm willing to pay (Trip introduced me to this crazy idea some years ago: decide what you are *actually* willing to pay for something, bid that, and simply accept it if you get out-bid), and there are five days left on the auction, so I can't imagine I'll get it. Sad. I would really (irrationally) like it. :)

Ted & I trundled into town (Cork) today and got some froot and some pork ribs and a pork roast (mmMMmm), and had a little DVD accidently. We picked up season 4 Alias and, um, AVP, Chicago, and...oh, Hellboy. See what happens when !Netflix doesn't send us our moobies?
Tags: daily life, fanboy, movies

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