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08 January 2013 @ 09:26 am
shopping locally  
Two stories of shopping locally:

1. There's this restaurant we often go to, which we refer to as Cutie Waiter's, because there's an extremely cute tall slender southern European waiter who works there. In fact, the staff is very attractive all around. I think you have to be of a certain attractiveness level to work there, or something. Anyway, so just before Christmas I was trying to meet up with Mom and Dad, who said they were at Cutie Waiter's. So there I went.

When I arrived, they were sitting at a double table between a small round one and a small square one. "We were sitting at that table," Mom said, nodding at the round table, "and when you called we asked if we could move to this one, even though it had a reserved sign on it. The waiter said no, but that we could pull one of the tables over from the double table. So we did. But then Cutie Waiter came by and said, "Why are you sitting this way? Why did you not move to this double table?""

"They said we couldn't," Mom said, causing Cutie Waiter to do a huge double-take.

"They said *what*?" he asked incredulously. "Perhaps they do not know who you are!"

And then they were moved to the double table. Because Cutie Waiter knew who they were, by God! ♥ :)

2. Mom was babysitting the other day and I asked if she and Young Indiana would go get some bread at the bakery. I told her what kind of bread, but forgot to tell her what size loaf. So she and Indy went down to the bakery and asked for the bread, and the woman there, with whom I am quite friendly, said, "What size loaf?" Mom said, "Ummmmm," and the woman leaned over the counter, looked at Indy, smiled at Mom, and said, "A small sliced loaf!" and got her one. :)
irishkateirishkate on January 8th, 2013 01:06 pm (UTC)
I love your shopping experiences..

Kari Sperringla_marquise_de_ on January 8th, 2013 07:25 pm (UTC)
There is a restaurant in Chester (England), where there is a senior staff member who looks very much like my adored Yuen Biao. I may have manetioned this to him, indeed (I left out the 'my adored' bit). ANd he laughed and said that he was frequently mistaken for YB in Hong Kong, but that I was the first white person to notice the resemblance.
Alix (Tersa): Castle - Teatimetersa on January 8th, 2013 07:42 pm (UTC)
D'awww. Shopping in small shops where the people know you is the best. :)