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03 January 2013 @ 08:05 am
2013: the Gathering  
Ireland, in a desperate attempt to revive the tourist industry, has declared 2013 the year of The Gathering, a "year-long celebration of Ireland, its people and its connections," wherein everybody is supposed to come home to (or come visit) Ireland and spend their money here.

Naturally, I have a very different association with "the gathering", and I am deeply, deeply tempted to run a Highlander flash mob in Temple Bar this summer.

My idea would be to pre-choreograph it to a montage of "It's A Kind of Magic/Who Wants to Live Forever/Gimme the Prize/Princes of the Universe" with staged battles that would kill everybody off until there was, of course, only one left. (And then everybody would get up and run away.)

I mentioned the idea on Twitter and the Gathering Twitter people thought it was *awesome*.

I am so, so tempted.
anthony_lionanthony_lion on January 4th, 2013 07:38 am (UTC)
Strange that...

What I associate with 'The Gathering' is an upside down viking ship filled with nerds playing violent computer games and drinking way too much coffeinated energy drinks...

(The world's largest loserfest. There's a bigger LAN-party in Sweden, but they actually do a bit more than just play games and watch Pr0n)