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web design redux

Most of you will probably not care about this. :)

I am told that the Genesis framework can support that two-column header that I want. I'm happy enough to buy the framework for somebody to work from, but I have accepted the brutal truth that I just don't want to be the one trying to make it work. In terms of things being set in stone for what I want, the two column header and the color scheme are the things not to mess with. With that in mind, the following:

My mockup for the basic shape I would like to have:

Mockup with column commentary:

This is fairly functional. It's not terribly pretty. I would *like* it to be prettier, ideally somehow thematically with me as a writer but anything with a sense of wonder/fun/something, I don't know. My old theme incorporated my Take A Chance comic's first splash image, and I liked that enough to keep it for years.

The body layout, which I like a lot, is borrowed from this theme, which is utterly beautiful but totally useless in terms of content delivery, with that huge flipping graphic there. I would like something like that body layout, though the focus for the above-the-fold right-hand navigation column would be like the one on CE Murphy.Net instead of recent posts, etc.

Bonus points to anybody who could incorporate my new sassy lady in an attractive and organic way.

My budget is limited. I'd like to keep it around $250, but I have no idea if that's reality-based. I mean, several people have volunteered to do it for free, but I don't know if this is within anybody's free skill set :), so should I end up *hiring* someone, I don't know how badly I'm off-mark. (Probably miles, because I know what design work cost back when I was doing it, and that was a long time ago. OTOH, I really can't help my budget, so we'll see.)

What's anybody think?
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