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Web design is frustrating the hell out of me. Particularly, I expect, because it's what I used to do for a living, so I'm probably extra aggravated when presented with one of the two options:

1. incredibly beautiful designs that are not good at providing content
2. content-focused designs that are functional but not especially pretty

I want both, god damn it. I want a beautiful site that provides easy and intuitive content layout. And frankly, I was *never* good enough at the beautiful side of things, and these days I'm not good enough at the back end, either.

I *understand*, I really do. I understand the desire to make it pretty, and I understand that it's difficult, at best, to make lumps of text pretty, so featuring massive photographs as the main design element is completely comprehensible. But when you have site-name header followed by a navigation bar and a 500px tall image, you are taking up more than half of a large computer screen and the actual content is squished down at the bottom, more or less invisible. I don't *care* how pretty it is. It is not good design.

And I'm nowhere near good enough to make one that's pretty and functional, and I'm really sullen about it. :p

eta: I have done a mockup of what I want, so I now have a clear idea of what I'm after. It's equally clear I need to hire somebody to do it, because I simply do. not. have. the skills. So that's something, I guess. But not something to deal with tonight.
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    (zomg, like, it looks like we did that on purpose!!!!) (we did. :)) (x-posted from the essential kit)

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