kit (mizkit) wrote,

camera woes

So the other day at the zoo when the tiger tried to eat my son (did I post about that here? No, I didn't. Let me digress:

We went to the zoo on Friday to get Santa pictures taken, then went around to see animals. You know that video that went viral, the one of the lion trying to eat the baby through the glass? The Siberian tiger tried to do that to about six children my son's size. It was unnerving.

The tiger was up at the top of his enclosure and looked down and saw a bunch of toddlers in the viewing area. He stalked down with his gaze intent on them, clearly thinking "lunch!" After he prowled back and forth several times he reared up and swiped at the glass. Startled the hell out of the adults, who had just been discussing how he obviously thought the kids were snack-sized.

The kids were thrilled. The adults were all sort of unnerved but also assumed the glass would hold so weren't freaked out. I'd seen that tiger prowl the glass before, but never seen him stare or pounce like that. I've seen *cheetahs* staring at kids like they're appetizers, but never this tiger before.

And no, no pictures, because (end digression)) I discovered that my SLR wasn't working (and my phone was out of battery). Weird "ERR" message on the Nikon, but no further information about why it wasn't working. I figured there was a decent chance it was the half-charged battery (though in the end it turned out that was not the problem), but I was VERY disappointed, because even the huge hungry tiger aside, it was a really great photo opportunity day all around.

Anyway, so I brought the camera to a shop today and the guy had a brief look, said he had no idea what was wrong, and that it would cost €120 to do a diagnostic and probably that again to fix it.

I apparently feel I should get a second opinion, since I didn't seize the opportunity to buy a new camera RIGHT! AWAY! (even though they had a SHINY! RED! NIKON!), but it may be a case of getting a second opinion and THEN a new camera despite what they may or may not say. :)
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