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FINALLY posting to say that with the exception of a handful of Special Snowflakes, the last of the Kickstarter editions of NO DOMINION, the calendars, and other small pieces of swag are on their way to my beloved patrons!

That was a lot of packing up. And frankly, I could not have done some of it more inefficiently if I had been deliberately trying to sabotage myself. But it's all done and I have promised the ladies at the post office that I will not bring any more huge bags of mail to them this year. "You promise?" they said. "I promise!" I said, "but I make no promises about January." :)

I *will* be sending more stuff out, but not huge bags of it. The Special Snowflakes are basically people who got upgraded to a niftier deal (see, I said they were Special). I've been pulling the names out of my lists as I've been printing and packing, but I haven't yet filled those orders and at this point I have to wrap Christmas presents first. :) So those will go out as soon as the post office opens again after Christmas.

This has been an awful lot of fun, honestly. Crazy, but fun. I'd like to do it again sometime. :)
Tags: crowdfunding, kickstarter

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