kit (mizkit) wrote,

100 million things

I have about 100 million things to mention, so I'm going to be clever and do it a week before Christmas when nobody is looking at the intarwebs except to do panicked last-minute shopping. But perhaps I can help with some of that. :)

First: I am entirely thrilled to announce I'll be a guest of honor at ValleyCon 39 in Fargo, North Dakota over the weekend of October 18-20, 2013!

Now, to my way of thinking, this means everybody between the Rockies and the Appalachians has a quick easy trip to come see me in October. Right? (Look, I'm from Alaska. I may now be living in a country smaller than the peninsula I grew up on, but the mentality holds. :))

Second: For the e-reader-capable CE Murphy fans in your life, I might remind you of the Old Races e-collections released earlier this year, EASY PICKINGS, the Jane Yellowrock/Joanne Walker crossover collection (that's only an Amazon link, due to Reasons we need to get it back up at B&N...), and for the non-e-reader fans, BABA YAGA'S DAUGHTER, of which I am irrationally proud. :)

Third: The CE Murphy 2013 photographic calendar is also available for thems as likes, er, calendars. :)

...okay, for the moment it seems I only have 3 things to mention. That's LIKE 100 million, isn't it?
Tags: shameless self promotion

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