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Fred rescued Miz Kit.

drivingblind rescued

I've been mizkit online for nearly 20 years. It's a nickname that shadowhwk and drivingblind *gave* me, and I would have been destroyed if I'd lost it.

I am so grateful I have no words. I have completely lacked the spoons to deal with this, and Fred, among others, came to my rescue. Some fucker did come in and try to snipe the auction in the last minutes, driving the price past where I hoped it would go, but, well, it stayed just barely within what I could pay, and a lot of amazing people offered to help defray the costs if it came to that. Thank you all. I'll write you a story, I will. You, er, may have to drop me an email so I know exactly who you are/can contact you, but yeah. Thank you.

I am seriously considering looking at registering mizkit/Miz Kit Productions as a trademark at this point. I mean, I use it casually as a business front already, but my emotional attachment to mizkit is...profound, and putting something legal in place to help make sure I don't risk losing it again might be a really smart idea.

*sigh* To answer the obvious and oft-asked question: I think what happened was I paid for 5 years of the domain last time I paid for it. And that because I'd paid for 5 years, while I was using 100 Megs Web Hosting as my domain host company, it never got renewed. So when 100 Megs got bought out (by people who have been ragingly incompetent in all my dealings with them thus far) and came up for sale, the new company had no record of me/100 Megs having it registered through them. And my email for the company I had registered it through wasn't working anymore, so I never got notified by them, and when I tried to pay it through Jumpline, the new domain company, they said "gosh, that's not our problem." And by that time it was too late and we went to fucking auction on it.

And Fred rescued it.

I'm moving it away from the hosting company it's on. It may be the new year before it's back up, and I'm thinking of doing a redesign for the relaunch, since I've been using the Chance layout for like, er, three years. If I can think of/find something new/better, anyway.

If you want to go do something nice for Fred, and you're a gamer type, well, Evil Hat's latest Kickstarter just launched, and is a mere $11K away from making 20x its goal (in the first 24 hours, no less!).... :)
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