kit (mizkit) wrote,

i has a cold

It is a cold that mostly consists of a very sore throat and an astounding amount of snot in the mornings. I am taking zinc, vitamin c, and enchinchillas* like they're going out of style. On Friday I saw a recipe for a home made sore throat soother, consisting of sliced lemon and ginger stuffed into a jar, covered in honey and refrigerated so big glops can be taken out and be made into tea (is it tea if there's no actual tea involved?) when the need arises. I thought it sounded worth trying and got lemons and ginger. This morning, having not managed to make the glop yet, I made it and then took half a lemon, a couple generous tablespoons of honey and some crushed ginger and made tea of it.

It was freaking fabulous. I may go on a honey-ginger-lemon tea diet. Supplemented by the banana bread I've just been forced to make, because there was a fruit fly hanging out on my bananas. I hate fruit flies. They do not have them in the land of my people.

(the OTHER land of my people. alaska. the land i was born in. not my ancestral land, where they clearly have fruit flies.)

I have so many things I should be doing. Instead, I'm going to make an attempt at the dishes, then go have some more tea and stare at the words in a book or at a movie until consciousness eludes me. Or until Young Indiana awakens from his nap, which is more likely to happen first.

* echinacea. i can't spell it, much less pronounce it, and cannot convince my brain that chinchillas are not involved.
Tags: sick, the land of my people, tired

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