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The auction for the domain has about 8 hours left and is getting more expensive. There is shit I should have been doing to try to deal with it, and I just don't have the spoons, so I guess I just get to wake up tomorrow to find out whether the domain I've had for over a decade is going to be some asshole's click farm ad site.

That was not what I was going to post about, but it's what came up first. Maybe I shouldn't bring anything else down by posting it along with this. :(

eta: heh. should've anticipated that, probably. first comment was "can i help in some way?" because you guys are flat out awesome. let me bring my response up as an addition to the post, then...

drivingblind is watching the auction for me, but I'm reluctant to even say publicly what my current top bid is, for totally irrational fear of some stupid hawk watching this account to see if I comment on it. Um, if you're on Twitter, you could tell Fred Hicks how much you'd be willing to add on to the current high bid, if you wanted. I would appreciate the help on a just-in-case basis, and...I don't know, if people want to help in some way I'll write them a short story or something whether it's necessary to dip in to their offers or not...

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