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27 November 2012 @ 08:51 am
And that was November.  
I had a terrible fear there were only 2 days left in November. Fortunately there seem to be four, which means I'll probably succeed with Nanowrimo. Good thing, too, because it would be embarrassing to get to 43K (as I have) and then fail. But hey, with 4 days left I might not just finish Nano. I might even finish the book. I said hopefully.

In the meantime, while I haven't been doing Nano, I have instead been packing up a zillion books and things to send everybody their NO DOMINION stuff.

I could not have done this more inefficiently without deliberately setting out to sabotage myself. I'm just sayin'. :)

American Thanksgiving Observed, however, went off super well.The only real problem was the oven somehow kept getting turned off, so dinner didn't get onto the table until 2 hours past Dinner Anticipated. However, we had plenty of snack things to nibble on (Mom made the most amazingly delicious onion bread, OMG. I got a piece and went into the living room to eat it. A friend's one year old hauled himself up and stared at it with his Huge Blue Eyes, so I gave him a bite. And another bite. And another bite. And then he took it and mashed the rest into his mouth. *laughs*), so we were not bereft before Dinner Actual. It was all absolutely delicious. People brought all sorts of things (kale! I'd never had kale! it was yummy!) and yeah. Good Thanksgiving!
thinkingoutlawthinkingoutlaw on November 28th, 2012 01:22 am (UTC)
35500 right now. Ain't gonna make it....