kit (mizkit) wrote,

And that was November.

I had a terrible fear there were only 2 days left in November. Fortunately there seem to be four, which means I'll probably succeed with Nanowrimo. Good thing, too, because it would be embarrassing to get to 43K (as I have) and then fail. But hey, with 4 days left I might not just finish Nano. I might even finish the book. I said hopefully.

In the meantime, while I haven't been doing Nano, I have instead been packing up a zillion books and things to send everybody their NO DOMINION stuff.

I could not have done this more inefficiently without deliberately setting out to sabotage myself. I'm just sayin'. :)

American Thanksgiving Observed, however, went off super well.The only real problem was the oven somehow kept getting turned off, so dinner didn't get onto the table until 2 hours past Dinner Anticipated. However, we had plenty of snack things to nibble on (Mom made the most amazingly delicious onion bread, OMG. I got a piece and went into the living room to eat it. A friend's one year old hauled himself up and stared at it with his Huge Blue Eyes, so I gave him a bite. And another bite. And another bite. And then he took it and mashed the rest into his mouth. *laughs*), so we were not bereft before Dinner Actual. It was all absolutely delicious. People brought all sorts of things (kale! I'd never had kale! it was yummy!) and yeah. Good Thanksgiving!
Tags: family, friends, holidays, nanowrimo

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