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butcher boys

I brought a chocolate cake to the butcher boys last Friday. It was a pretty good cake--the texture was amazing--and yer wan, the guy who started it all in the first place (she brought us cake for being cheeky! he said to another butcher as he put the cake up) could hardly believe I'd brought another one.

The young man who had asked last time I was in whether I'd be bringing another cake in, well. I think he'd be asking to date me if I was available. :)

Anyway, I said next month I'd bring them some fudge, and yer wan's eyes nearly rolled back in his head. I said I make *very* good fudge, and he said, "Ah, ye must be American then!" I donno, maybe the Irish make bad fudge? :) But we stopped by today and yer wan (I gotta learn his name) said he'd scarpered off with two pieces to bring home, and that my hands were the hands of an angel. *laughs* *laughs again*
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