kit (mizkit) wrote,

This never gets old. :)

I got a GREAT BIG BOX of books in the mail today!

Baba Yaga's Daughter arrives!

This never gets old. I tell you, it just never gets old. This is my 20th book (if you count Chance as a book and include WINTER MOON/Banshee Cries in the lineup, which I do), and my first hardback book, and wow. I mean, wow. The hardback thing, that really got me. I knew it was, but knowing it and seeing it are v. different things. Wow. Wow.

People have been reporting in all day that they're getting their copies. So far the lowest number reported is 23. What's your number? :)

Also, mind-bogglingly, I have filled my Author Shelf:

I filled a shelf!

I thought it would take until the end of 2013 to do that, but, um, no, there it is, all filled up. A couple of them--NO DOMINION and YEAR OF MIRACLES*--aren't available to the public yet, but they will be...soon. January for NO DOMINION, and...I'm not sure when yet for YEAR OF MIRACLES. I don't want to overload the market in the first quarter of the year.

Anyway, I believe today gets a Great Big WOW.

Also I reached 26K on Nanowrimo today.

Bed now. :)

*YEAR OF MIRACLES is, of course, available as the 3 e-book collections, but not yet as a POD physical book.
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