kit (mizkit) wrote,

The Mystery of the Missing Cinnamon Roll

I made cinnamon rolls a couple days ago. Yesterday morning, Young Indiana nabbed one and ran off with it. I said, “Bring that back!” but did not see him do so, and spent quite a long time looking for the missing cinnamon roll. Eventually I began to wonder if Ted had in fact taken 3 cinnamon rolls to work for breakfast, and if Young Indiana had indeed put the missing cinnamon roll back. When I finally got ahold of Ted, it transpired that this was exactly what had happened.

To top it all off, Ted went charging off to work and accidentally left his 3 cinnamon rolls at home this morning. Somehow I feel that this all creates a certain cosmic justice. :)

My proofs are STILL NOT HERE. *dies of an-ti-ci-…*

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Tags: family

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