kit (mizkit) wrote,

why is the rum gone?

Or more relevantly, why does the to-do list never seem to get *shorter*?

Speaking of which (heh) I wonder if I should put together a 2013 calendar. Not today, anyway.

But speaking of calendars, I’m putting the Kickstarter calendar together and putting out one last call to see if anybody’s got photos they’d be willing to share, since the theme of it seems to be “CE Murphy Urban (forgive me) FANtasy”, and numerous fan-type people have offered up photos from places my urban fantasy novels are set. I’m particularly looking for:

- a photo of Thunderbird Falls, outside of Anchorage, AK
- a photo of the Fremont Troll in Seattle, WA
- a city skyline of Manhattan

and will pay with photo credits and a copy of the calendar. I know it’s not much, but it’s what I can do. :)

My NO DOMINION proof isn’t here yet. *hops impatiently*

- finish AAs
- do laundry
- fold laundry
- put laundry away
- sweep stairs & hall
- call joce
- fix the p-con website
- email kyle
- look for photos off old hard drive
- put together CE Murphy Urban FANtasy calendar for Kickstarter patrons
- find the printer’s USB cable a much longer USB cable
- find the printer’s power cable find an extension cord
- fix treehouse

continuing tales of thinks to do:
- collaborate with sister on citizenship paperwork
- finish book for nephew
- and two proposals so i have continuing employment
- and then finish the Walker Papers
- repaint living room
- sort & put away ALL THE BABY CLOTHES
- organize bookshelves so all the newly arrived old books can go on them
- finish ripping DVDs
- bring CDs to Chapters

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