kit (mizkit) wrote,

Today was not that day.

I did not start writing again today. I didn’t even work on my AAs. I have a faint impulse to bring them to Octocon this weekend and auction off as much of the manuscript as I get done before the end of the day Sunday. :)

The only thing I really accomplished today was rejiggering the YEAR OF MIRACLES print files into InDesign. Now I’ve ordered another proof. It should look pretty damned spiffy, but I’m not willing to get more until I’m sure. :) Doing a second book went faster than the first one (especially since the styles were largely already in place) but it wasn’t as zippy as I hoped it would be.

I’m going to go collapse into bed instead of looking at my to-do list anymore. :p

- do laundry
- fold laundry
- put laundry away
- sweep kitchen
- sweep stairs & hall
- call joce
- fix the p-con website
- email kyle
- look for photos off old hard drive
- put printer somewhere more useful in my office
- find the printer’s USB cable
- find the printer’s power cable find an extension cord
- fix treehouse
- fix YoM print edition files

continuing tales of thinks to do:
- collaborate with sister on citizenship paperwork
- finish book for nephew
- and two proposals so i have continuing employment
- and then finish the Walker Papers
- repaint living room
- sort & put away ALL THE BABY CLOTHES
- organize bookshelves so all the newly arrived old books can go on them
- finish ripping DVDs
- bring CDs to Chapters

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Tags: daily life, thinks to do
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