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It is possible…

It is possible that tomorrow I will begin writing again. That would be good, because I basically have 2 weeks to finish the utter mess that is my nephew’s book, and to write a proposal for STONE’S THROE, the Spirit of the Century pulp fiction novel coming out from Evil Hat Productions sometime (handwave) after I get it done. Because I’m doing STONE’S THROE as my Nano novel, and so I have to get my shit *together* for that.

I have been doing all sorts of Work That Isn’t Writing in the meantime, though. With assistance from the lovely Fred Hicks (of Evil Hat Productions, in fact), I have conquered Adobe InDesign, at least to the level I require, and have put together the Kickstarter print edition of NO DOMINION. It’s going to *rock*. And I’ve just sent out an update about that, so you should read it if you’re on that list.

I expect the general release for NO DOMINION will be in January, after everybody’s gotten all their physical material for the Kickstarter. Which you have all been very patient about, and for which I am grateful! If I run another one of these, I will have a much better sense of the timeline involved… o.O

I’m blogging over at Bitten By Books right now, in with a give-away of the Old Races e-collections, if you’re interested in that!


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