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I was looking at yesterday’s to-do list and had a mental wail of, “God I’m not going to finish this until I’m like FORTY!”

Then I realized that with SHAMAN RISES’s duedate, actually I pretty much *literally* won’t finish it until I’m forty. *laughs* I already had to readjust my “I’m going to sleep until I’m 37,” thing, now I’m going to have to reset that too! :)

Seriously, way too much to do.

All that’s behind the cut is the to-do list, where I am hiding it so as to not exhaust my readers. :)

- put laundry AWAY
- email because nobody answered the phone call to return coat/order new one
- call joce
- do something about photoshop & homesite
- and then the p-con website
- and faith
- & then email faith about other stuff
- put NO DOMINION print edition together
- email kyle
- rescue old hard drive
- look for photos off old hard drive
- put printer somewhere more useful in my office
- fix treehouse
- write a blog for BBB
- fix YoM print edition files

continuing tales of thinks to do:
- collaborate with sister on citizenship paperwork
- finish book for nephew
- and two proposals so i have continuing employment
- and then finish the Walker Papers
- repaint living room
- sort & put away ALL THE BABY CLOTHES
- organize bookshelves so all the newly arrived old books can go on them
- finish ripping DVDs
- bring CDs to Chapters

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