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I’ve been at the Dublin International Comics Expo (AKA DICE), which is Dublin’s rebooted comics convention.

Tell ya what, I’m feeling really enthusiastic about making comics now. :) I mean, that’s not unusual, but I’m ready to press on with “Take A Chance” and see what’s going to happen with it as a graphic novel, and perhaps soon do another chapter of that story. And–I do tend to think in completionist arcs, so when one of the things discussed repeatedly this weekend was short stories, it was something I listened to. So I’d like to put together a few shorter scripts, and talk to some of the artists I know, and see if we can’t at least do some web stuff, probably in Chance’s world, just to develop it some more. We’ll see, but I’m excited about the prospect!

It was a terrific weekend, and I’ll write some more about it in the next few days!

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Tags: chance, comics, conventions

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