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20s dress
knickerbockers (i don't even know what they're FOR, but they're kinda cute)
a dressy 20s era dress

a good 40s blouse

Not that I have any reason to have any of those things. Still.

fashionfabrics looks like it might be a good place for fabrics.

actual clothes from jpeterman, that i covet: knit top, linen blouse, middy blouse or primavera blouse,or tie-front dress. I already bought a trumpet skirt pattern, and Deborah put this idea of a very flowy skirt to contrast with the corset if I ever get skinny enough to be allowed to buy it. I have *nowhere* to wear any of this, but I guess as a hobby making things I might someday have some excuse to wear is better than, er. I don't know. Drinking heavily.
Tags: fabrics, patterns, sewing

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