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The Final Quest

Elfquest: The Final Quest, Page 2. And yes, I will be linking to this every week until they’re done with the prologue, because THAT’S HOW I ROLL.

Via Neil Gaiman: Wow. One of the actresses in “The Innocence of Muslims” speaks out. Her story is really, really not what you think it would be.

Bleeding Cool has been doing a fairly regular set of gendercrunching posts to determine what the gender splits at the Big Two comic companies are. The latest also has some bonus “ethnocrunching”. That post was followed up by the experiences of a self-described “big Black dude” who works in the industry. Worth reading if any of this matters to you.

On this week’s Doctor Who, with incredibly minor spoilers but I’ll put them behind a cut for you of tender spirit anyway:

Ah, if only Peter Wingfield had played the Other Doctor! But I can pretend this still leaves the door open for him to play The Doctor, right? Well, a girl can dream.

…the desperate thing is I now have a terrible urge to write Eleven/Methos fic. Can’t you just see Methos standing over Eleven with a faintly pitying look and saying, “I haven’t felt guilt since the eleventh century, Doctor. But I suppose you’re only just barely older than that, aren’t you? You’ll get over it. Or you’ll die.”

I am so far behind on work I feel like I might as well just give it all up and not even try.

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