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GCBP: Angel Food Cake

I have this wonderful, 70 year old basic cookbook called Meta Given’s Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking. My grandmother had it, my mother inherited it, and years ago Mom went forth on the internet and single-handedly drove the price of the 2-volume set up from about $12 per book to $70+ per book, because she bought every single set available and gave them to family members. Anyway, I’ve been saying for ages that I wanted to start at the beginning of the cake section and bake one of each cake, just to see how they all turned out. So I decided I’d do that. Generally I’m actually going to make cupcakes, because they’re easier to send to Ted’s work, but the first cake in the Great Cake Baking Project is an Angel Food Cake, which doesn’t so much lend itself to cupcakes, I don’t think…

(some hours later)

Quite certain I’ve overbeaten my batter, but we’ll see how the cake turns out. I don’t know if this project requires me making a Perfect Cake each time, or if just making one is sufficient…

(and later yet)

*laughs right out loud* More of an angel food doughnut than cake, I’d say. It’s beautifully white, but, er, a bit flat:

Angel Food Cake

*laughs more* This may be the least successful cake I’ve ever made in my life, in fact. Someday I’ll try making another one, but I think I’ll tick this one off the list and move on. :)

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