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I finished Nicole Peeler’s TEMPEST’S LEGACY yesterday. I got sent the first TEMPEST book as an ARC, didn’t managed to read it until months after the book came out, LOVED it, asked for the second to blurb, missed THAT window too, loved it when I read it, and bought the third one in America and loved it. Seriously, I do not read urban fantasy for fun, but I really just adore the Jane True books. They’re a lot of fun.

Then I immediately started Kari Sperring’s LIVING WITH GHOSTS, which has a wonderful opening line: Even the Lieutenant’s ghost looked startled when the door slamed shut. Seriously, she had me from hello and now I’m about 70 pages in and in total, utter despair over never being able to write as beautifully as Kari does, or creating as intricate and detailed and sensual a world, or…yeah. I’m liking it. Unless something truly stupendous goes wrong with the writing in the remaining 400 pages I expect I shall feel the same way all the way through.

This might be a good time to mention Kari has a new book out today, too. :)

How is it I have no reading icon?

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