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triumph complete. :)

I couldn’t help myself. I did up the formatting properly and I’m quite happy with it. I’ll have a proof copy printed, and perhaps I’ll do a give-away with it or something once I’ve had a look over it to see what detail work might need fixing.

And yay, my ad is up at Bitten By Books! I’m running a 2 month ad there to see if it boosts sales any, and then in October I’ll be doing a guest blog there and elsewhere to see if /that/ makes a difference to sales. This is all very interesting stuff to me, finding out what all Makes It Go.

Mikaela commented on the earlier post about Doin’ It Right, saying, “Well, you might not plan to sell them now. But who knows, maybe you plan to sell them next year or something :). ( Unless you are sitting on awesome news.)”

which I thought I would lift the reply into public space for, in case anybody else had wondered the same thing:

I am not, sadly, sitting on awesome news. I have to wait and see how BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER does with SubPress. If it does well enough and they want to give another one a go, I’ll probably split the ORSSP stuff into 2 new collections, and write “Kiss of Angels”, the Grace O’Malley story, as a novella for the anchor piece for one, use “Year of Miracles” as the anchor for the other, and write a bunch more short stories to fill out both of them so they’ve got a lot of new content to go along with the stuff people’ve read.

But that all depends on how BYD does. :)

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