kit (mizkit) wrote,

tiny bubbles

This is radically cool: The Sultan's Elephant, a 40 foot mechanical elephant, part of a four day street theatre story in London. That is *so* *awesome*. I want one. The elephant weighs forty-two tons, and looks like magic.

Completely unrelated, I forgot to mention that before MI:3 there was a trailer for United 93. It devastated me. I have horribly mixed feelings on the film at all; on one hand I understand the desire to try to deal with the story of that flight by making it a story, something that people can see and relate and respond to. It's human nature. On the other hand, it seems hideously exploitative. On the third hand, evidently the families of the people who died on that flight were supportive of the film. And on the final hand, if a two minute trailer reduced me to tears, I don't know that I'm brave enough to watch the entire movie.

There is no particular point to any of that.
Tags: daily life, magic, movies, theatre, tiny bubbles

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