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Picoreview: Magic Mike: It was okay. They felt obliged to put an actual story in, which was really unnecessary, and overall it wasn’t anything like as titillating or fun as one might hope. The Full Monty is a much more watchable film.

Picoreview: The Amazing Spider-Man: I liked the casting better in this than the other movies, so they would have really had to have screwed it up for me to dislike it. They didn’t really screw it up. Emma Stone was absolutely wonderful as Gwen Stacy, and the rest of them ranged from fine to good (Sally Fields is my new favorite Aunt May ever). Andrew Garfield is a much more charming Peter Parker than Tobey Maguire.

However, it’s just wrong that Spider-Man, Batman and Superman are all being played by Brits (nevermind Wolvie being played by an Aussie. I suppose I could go on forever in this vein.). I weep for American actors.

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