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daily life

I hurt. All over. I don't know where I picked up a bug, but I picked one up, and I hurt. I'd like it to go away now. (I'd think it was just soreness from the unaccustomedness of having worked out, but I'm pretty sure working out wouldn't make my eyeballs hurt. Or my throat. Or my head, for that matter.)

Other than that, I'm pretty okay. For the record, my hair does not look awful by any stretch. It's just really not what I wanted, and getting it to this not-what-I-wanted stage visibly damaged it. So the prospect of getting it to where I want it and doing more damage is really depressing. I have not yet decided what to do.

THUNDERBIRD FALLS is officially out today! Go! Go forth! Purchase its goldy-orange goodness, and enjoy!

Ted and I trundled, and when I say "trundled", I mean "took a cab" down into Cobh today, and found ourselves laughing as we scurried around in the blustering rain. It was just so *wet* and *windy* it was funny. :) We went to the bank (bonk bonk bonk) and the post office, where I finally had my act together enough to pay my artist (yay!) and then went down to the Quays Bar and Restaurant, where Ted got the number to call to talk to them about a job and where we had a perfectly fine lunch. It's not very exciting restaurant food, but it'd be convenient!

I stopped by the Commodore Hotel and looked at their pool, which was, as reported, short, and which is, I suspect, *really* warm. OTOH, any other pool is an hour away, and swimming in a short hot pool would be more exercise than not swimming at all. And it doesn't cost very much. I need to make a decision on that soon. (When the Cobh pool re/opens, I expect it will be normal length and really hot. I would guess that if there's a pool within a thirty mile radius of me that's not too hot, it's the university pool in Cork. *emails them to ask questions about the pool* Anyway, I got an application for membership at the Commodore, and will make up my tiny little mind soon.

It's been a good video day. I got seasons 2 and 3 of La Femme Nikita (which are packaged in the Hong Kong packaging, giving us an alarm until we stuck a dvd in and ascertained it was in fact in English), and ScreenClicks, which is the Irish version of Netflix, emailed to say they'd sent the first couple DVDs that came up on the wishlist. I'm quite keen on this idea. :) It's "The Constant Gardener" and "Night Watch" that've come up first, and I've got "Sneakers" and "Pride & Prejudice" and "Sky High" at the top of the list, so hopefully relatively soon. Nifty. I like the idea of dvds being delivered to my door. :)

Oh! And I picked up a phone number to call about yoga classes. So that's been the sort of day it's been. Low-key getting things done. Doing laundry, too, party animal that I am. And Ted cleaned the kitty litter. We're wild and crazy. :)

And now, if people will go help my friend Geni with her homework (it's a 7 question survey), and post here to tell me that they have, I will draw a name from a hat from those who do and send the winner a copy of whichever of my books they would like. :)

ETA: Geni has enough responses now! I'll draw from a hat tomorrow and let people know who won. :) Thank you all for helping her out!
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