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Apparently I can only manage to post once every five days. Dunno what’s up with that (motherhood, job, birthday weekend? nah).

I went for a massage Saturday, and was so tired I nearly fell asleep on the massage table. In fact, the only reason I didn’t was because after a while the sinus pressure from the headrest got too great, so my nose stuffed up and I had to breathe through my mouth…and every time I nearly fell asleep my tongue fell out of my mouth and I did this little faint snorty soft inhalation thing that woke me up. It was hysterical. :)

Saturday evening, in an incredibly rare display of “life outside mommyhood”, I went to the closing down party at the Loft Bookshop. It was a pleasant evening (we ended up having the Visualization Conversation, which I love) and I’m really glad I went. I like those people and I loved the bookshop, and I will be bereft without it.

Sunday it pissed miserable rain all day long, so I think I only left the house to get milk because it was Necessary. We watched Disney’s Robin Hood and played in the 5′ tall circus tent that Young Indiana got for Christmas. Pretty nice day, actually, and then yesterday was unexpectedly nice with a week-long forecast for miserable, so we went to the zoo and had a wonderful time. Tigers! Lions! PENGUINS! I’ll post some pictures later. :)

Today I am getting a Very Expensive Hair Trim from my friend Deirdre’s hair stylist, because she, like me, has very straight hair, and it always looks fabulous. I haven’t had my hair trimmed in two years (okay, it might only be TWENTY-THREE MONTHS) so on one hand I quite feel I deserve to splash out a little. On the other, I’m having a hard time convincing myself it’s sensible to pay a lot for what amounts to a trim. Wretched brain. But it should look FABULOUS. Dammit. :)

Between all that I’ve written a chapter for the collaborative project, done a huge brainstorming thing for something else, and worked on the 3 chapter proposal for the Kickstarter patrons’ Book That Doesn’t Exist.

And now I need to go work on that some more, since that’s what I really got out of bed to do. :)

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