kit (mizkit) wrote,

1 jillion things to do

I am considering dying my hair. I know, I know, the excitement! The trouble is to do it properly today would take two go-rounds, and I don’t know if I feel like being that thorough. :)

Things that must get done today:
- email the writers’ centre
- rattle with impatience for Amazon & BN to get ORIGINS online
- notify BYD ARC winners that they won:

The winners of the BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER ARC give-away are as follows:

Mylia Scribe-Jones
Elise Julene Tuck
B. Ross

If all of you will contact me with your snail mail addresses, I will get those books in the mail to you. Remember, your part of this bargain is to write a review of the collected stories and either post it on your own blog and give me the link to it, or provide me with a review to post here! :)

- email padraig
- do dishes
- take out the upstairs rubbish
- make a massage appt
- attempt to make a hair appt
- whatever else comes to mind that seems important :)
- like the BYD page proofs

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Tags: compulsive hair disorder, contests, daily life, thinks to do

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