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Pride & Prejudice

Having now re-read the book and re-watched both the BBC miniseries and the Kiera Knightley film, I must say…

…both productions really did a stupendous job of adapting the novel. Differently, obviously, because the BBC had 6 hours and the film 2, but really, I think they both did really, really well. Huge amounts of side-story were cut for the film, but the basic story came through intact, and I liked Knightley’s Elizabeth as much as I liked Ehle’s. And I’m *awfully* fond of Matthew Macfayden (if Panzer & Davis were suddenly to pick up the Highlander spinoff story that shadowhwk/Sarah and I wrote, I would cast Macfayden as Methos, as Peter Wingfield, much as I adore him, has really gotten too old to play the Immortal he was introduced as nearly 20 years ago), but I fear I may like Colin Firth’s Darcy better. It’s a hard call, though, because Firth has six hours to fall hopelessly in love and Macfayden has only two, so it’s not entirely fair to compare them. Macfayden’s Darcy is also a little less…polished, which is pretty appealing. Anyway, the point is, having a P&P-fest was a *lot* of fun. And it does make me kinda want to write a bit more on MAGIC & MANNERS. ;)

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