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01 May 2012 @ 03:04 pm
too! many! projects!  

I have too many pending projects. I can’t figure out what to work on. Woe! WOE!

Perhaps I’ll list them and throw a dart. :)

- Billy Holliday short story
- Suzanne Quinley short story
- Bryant’s short story
- other Walker Papers short story
- Daisani AFTERMATH story
- another AFTERMATH story
- HEAVEN CAN WAIT proposal
- LEGION chapter
- retold Alaskan origin story

…ok, the (or a) problem here is I’m nominally finishing all of that this month. Even if I drop HEAVEN CAN WAIT out of the list that’s still 7 short stories & 1 chapter to write. That would be…unusually productive. Not so much in wordcount, but that’s a lot of gear-shifting. o.O

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