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Now that I have learned to make e-books I want to do ALL the Old Races stuff RIGHT NOW and get them up for people to buy! NOW! NOW NOW NOW!

…except I haven’t edited “YoM”, I need cover art for it and ORIGINS, and I need to write one or two stories for AFTERMATH. Curses. :)

Been thinking and examining the whole self-pubbed e-book pricing and stuff. In retrospect, it’s possible Faith Hunter & I should’ve set “Easy Pickings” at a $3.99 price point. Wondering whether wordcount or story type should dictate price for e-books. Collection of short stories, $2.99, 1 novella (same length or longer than short story collection) $3.99, book $4.99, long book $5.99-$7.99?

(I’m Miss Posty McPostsALot today, it seems. :))

(Now if this would just crosspost to LJ…)

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Tags: collaboration, collections, e-books, negotiator trilogy, old races, walker papers

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