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NO DOMINION has been delivered to the Kickstarter patrons. If you are one and haven’t gotten your copy, please email me (cemurphyauthor AT gmail DOT com) and let me know what format you need it in, Kindle, Sony/Nook/Epub, or PDF.

This has been a fairly astonishing ride, folks. I’m pretty excited to have delivered the book (AND PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT FIVE HOURS HAS NO ONE FINISHED IT YET DO YOU LIKE IT IS IT OKAY HUH HUH HUH *clears throat* ahem, sorry, writers get like this sometimes, just move along, move along…). It’s not the culmination of the Kickstarter campaign, because I have a bunch of short stories and other smaller stuff to put together still, but it’s certainly The Big Reward, and…

…and, well, wow. Gosh. It worked. *laughs* I mean…well, it worked! Lookit that! I wrote a book on commission for patrons, for five hundred people who threw together and made this thing happen, and it’s amazing and wonderful and I’m so grateful to all of you. Every one of you. You’re incredible, and this has been a riot, and holy beans, wow, look what we did!

*dances everyone*!

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Tags: crowdfunding, garrison reports, kickstarter, walker papers
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