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writing is hard...

I'm on page 12, or have just finished, page 12, of this script. I'm at about 4300 words, which is only a thousand or so words short of the full length of the first script. I know there's more dialog in this one, but sheesh. Writing is hard. Let's go shopping! But no. I must do at least one, and preferably 2 or 3 more pages today. Whine whine whine. OTOH, my, it's nice to write something I can finish in 3 days instead of 6 weeks!

I got *sunburned* yesterday. Just a little bit, but some! (The weather's been very beautiful. Ted said, "I thought you said it rained here." :)) I'm going to have to find sunblock. They must have it. :)

Hey! Dad got a part in a MOVIE! A student film thing. He'll be doing a voice-over as an announcer for something about a boxer. That's all I know right now, but isn't that cool? Apparently he had the audition last night and got home at about 10:20pm and they called at 10:30 and offered him the part. Cool! I want to be in a movie! :)

Actually, that's one of my projects when I get down to goal weight. I want to get headshots done and throw my hat in the ring via some agency or something, because why not? So I'm feeling all inspired to work out, now. :) We're going to go into Cork and watch "16 Blocks" this afternoon, and perhaps I can stop and get some 10lb (or whatever they have here that's close to that) dumbbells on the way. And then lug them around. Hrm. Maybe not the *best* idea ever, but I can't get them on the way back because the place'll be closed. Hrm.

I have GOT to find the SWIMMING POOL this weekend. Monday starts a WHOLE NEW MONTH. I want to SWIM in the WHOLE NEW MONTH! I did hear back from the Cork Masters club, and right now the only day of the week they've got space available for somebody to join is on Saturdays, but they sent me an application and I've filled it out, so I need to print it and send it back, 'cause swimming with a team once a week would be better than not at all.

I was reading a fitness magazine yesterday, in which Gabrielle Reese said she takes 2 hour walks with her baby daughter, and I thought, jeez, the only reason I don't take two hour walks is I'm lazy. That's the only thing stopping me. I felt inspired to start taking some two hour walks! :)

But not right now, because I have to go write 1-3 more pages on Chance and go to a movie (the latter of which will involve about an hour's worth of walking, all told).
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