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Thing One: I hate it when I ask a question and the responses make me think of a really cool idea that’s well beyond my ability to accomplish. Hrmph. Oh well.

(The question was “Should ebook covers for related sets of stories match, or does it not matter for epub-only stuff?” The answer appears to be “we prefer them to look like a set,” which spawned a great idea for the e-covers of the upcoming Old Races short story collection e-release stuff, but: lack talent, time and funds, so phooey.)

Thing Two: Speaking of e-books, Juliet E McKenna has just released A FEW FURTHER TALES OF EINARINN in e-pub, and I expect it’s going to be wonderful.

Thing Three: The other day I learned my sister’s swim coach in high school had made them do like 240 pushups every day. No wonder she was so fit. But after saying this, she said, brightly, “Of course, just 60 a day really makes a difference!”


Thing Four: For no reason I can discern, I had a dream a couple mornings ago which featured a group cameo of Christopher Reeve, Tom Welling & Henry Cavill. I thought quite clearly, in-dream, “If only Dean Cain was here, this would be perfect!” Apparently I discount Brandon Routh as Superman because they digitially/contactually changed his eye color, and I seem to feel that if you’re going to cast someone with brown eyes as Superman you should embrace it, a la Cain. :)

Thing Five: There is no thing five.

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