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Still staggering with relief, here. I have tripped the light fantastic all day, I am so happy about finding those beatsheets. Ted's really astonished I'm not pissed off about it. I might've been if I'd struggled through redoing them all, but I found them before I wrote more than fifty words, so *whew*. Whew, whew, WHEW.

Utterly bouyed by finding them, I wrote 7 pages of script today. That's only about 2300 words, so it's not massive amounts of writing, but 7 pages of having to sit there and figure out page layouts and what images should go with the words and that sort of thing is hard work. Though I think I've figured out a trick to it. If I write down all the things I want to do on that page without trying to frame it first, but sort of breaking it up into "this would work in one frame, this would work in another", it's much easier to then go back and think about how the layout of that might work.

Of course, I also get to say, "And if you have a better idea, go for it!" to my artist, which helps too. :)

My God. Thanks to finding the beatsheets, I'm going to accomplish everything I wanted to in April. I am actually seeing myself consider, for a bright shining moment, going ahead and doing the CAULDRON BORNE proposal. (I almost certainly won't, but that it's actually a viable consideration is Amazing.)

*laugh* Speaking of Amazing, when the family went to Seattle for Grandma's memorial service, when they got on the plane in Atlanta to go to Seattle, Mom said to Breic, "We're in Atlanta now, and when we get off the plane we'll be in Seattle! Won't that be *amazing*?"

And Breic, very seriously and with much thought, said, "No. It will be vewy exciting, but it will not be *amazing*."

That kid has way too much vocabulary. :)

*stares at the schedule, and the CAULDRON proposal* I won't get it done before the end of April, but if I don't start HOUSE OF CARDS until May 8th...

Damn. I wish I knew when the HoS revisions would be here. *fuss*

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