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halfway done

When I’m finished with these, I’m going to ask the good people at Subterranean Press how many sheets there *actually* are, to cover for those mucked up in the print process, but I’ve theoretically signed my name 500 times now:

Halfway done

My favorites are the ones like these, where the ink has suddenly splotched a lot more onto the paper than it was expected to. Most of them don’t dry attractively, sadly, but I like them anyway, ’cause you know it’s a real ink pen being used to sign ‘em. :)


My signature, never shy and retiring to begin with, does seem to be eager to gobble up as much page as it can. After all, it’s saying, that’s what we’re here for, right? I’m finding this kind of relaxing, in a repetitive Zen way. Dip the pen, let a drop of ink fall free, sign my name, set the page aside to dry, repeat 7 times, clean the pen, repeat…

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