kit (mizkit) wrote,

the week of lists

sorry for all the lists. it’s just that with this head cold if i don’t write every single thing i need to do down, i honestly can’t remember for more than a few seconds what it is that needs doing. i’ll have more content as soon as i can think again. on the plus side, down to 14 items, some of which are things i’ve accomplished but need to keep accomplishing, like going to bed early. really early. ted sent me to bed at 7:30 last night, that’s how pathetic i was.

- send books to irish cousin
- send books to american cousins
- continue work on webpage
- write the PRSI letter
- finish the tree house
- vacuum
- sign my name (literally) 1000 times with the above ink
- answer faith’s email
- write magical words blog
- call airtricity
- call upc again. sigh.
- call voice people
- call gardening people
- go to bed early. for the love of god, go to bed early.

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Tags: sick & tired, thinks to do

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