kit (mizkit) wrote,

forget today. this *month* would be good.

- write con report
- write ideas for PConX while the iron is hot
- oh, hell, do the MOUNTAIN ECHOES AFS
- send books to irish cousin
- send books to american cousins
- laundry
- dishes
- groceries
- go to bed early. for the love of god, go to bed early.
- continue work on webpage
- write the PRSI letter
- finish the tree house
- blog about gwen
- answer jenn’s email
- email betsy
- plane tickets to eastercon
- answer email about eastercon for god’s sake
- put all the groceries away
- 100,000 other things, no doubt
- empty garbages
- vacuum
- ask important questions of publishers better yet get important answers from publishers
- sign my name (literally) 1000 times with the above ink
- email faith
- answer faith’s email
- write the other email wrt faith
- write magical words blog

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Tags: thinks to do

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