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I actually walked the dog today, to her great joy. I felt like such a good human. I am trying to get back into it, so I will announce here that I'm walking the dog tomorrow, and maybe that'll shame me into it.

Ted and I trundled into Cork this afternoon so I could buy some dumbbells. I decided it was much cheaper to buy a set of dumbbells and not use them than buy a gym membership and not use it. :) I'll put them in my office (because I have an OFFICE, you know!) and try to remember/be willing to use them when I need a break. (It's wholly possible this will induce me to take fewer breaks. *rolls eyes*) I want to get a yoga mat for in there, too, not so much for yoga as just to have something to do situps and pushups on. (I don't like squishing my hands into carpet. It itches.)

We went out to dinner, but had no real plan for where we were going, so ended up going to the Captain Americas (the lack of an apostrophe is theirs, not mine) on the vague idea we'd have burgers. Neither of us had burgers. I had the most peculiar enchilada I've ever eaten, though. It was shredded chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla, with pizza sauce and some cheddar cheese on top.

Let me tell you, if you are expecting an enchilada red sauce (which, to be honest, I was pretty skeptical of even *before* I saw the color of the sauce, but even *so*), and you get pizza sauce, it does something very, very strange to your brain. Enchiladas do not involve oregeno or basil. It was ... gah. I mean. It wasn't exactly bad. It's just that I couldn't take a bite without having cognitive dissonance.

I am now *extremely* curious to try the Mexican place madmiss says is in Cork.

After our rather peculiar dinner, we went to see "Inside Man", which was as good as everybody'd said it was. It's been a while since I've come out of a movie feeling genuinely satisfied with having watched something worthwhile, as opposed to just cute or entertaining. This was intelligent and well-designed, and if it wasn't quite "The Usual Suspects", it was at least in the ballpark. Also, it was nice seeing Jodie Foster play a character who smiled, even if it was a barracuda smile.

On the walk back to the train station, I saw a flyer about an annual 2000 meter swim in the River Lee, which I believe I will have to participate in, but more importantly, it pointed me at the Cork Masters Swim Club. I *really* want to join a swim club, so if it is at all feasible I'll join this Masters' team. I emailed them to ask about costs and when and where they met. Somewhat inevitably, I suspect, there's no information on the site about meets or members or anything. Oh well. Hopefully someone will answer the email.

There were posters for X3 at the theatre. Good posters. Six of them, featuring Wolvie, Mags, Phoenix, Angel, Storm, and Xavier. The whole X3 advertisment thing is 'take a stand/choose a side', so Wolvie was Outcast/Hero, Magneto Visioniary/Murderer, Xavier Teacher/Manipulator. I forget the others. Phoenix was maybe Powerful/Tormented, and Storm's was something I thought oddly weak. Anyway, I wanted a Rogue one (obviously) that was Unstoppable/Tragic, or something to that effect. If I could find a good picture of her from X3 I'd make one of my own, because I'm that kind of geek.

I'm starting to look forward to the movie. *despair*

Oh, speaking of which, I got hair dye from Angie, so I can bleach my hair again and dye it blue, in hopes of ultimately producing a *very* white stripe for X3. Because I'm that kind of geek.
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