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Conversation on chat last night:

“What movie did you go see?”

“A Dangerous Methos.” *pauses, staring at that, because after twelve years, more than twelve years, I still cannot type “method” without first typing “Methos”* “Method. A Dangerous Method.”

Follow-up on Twitter:

37 other people: I would totally go see A Dangerous Methos!

I love my friends. I do love my friends. :)

picoreview, btw: Pretty good. I was surprised by Kiera Knightly’s performance. I can see where she didn’t…quite…let all the way go…but at the same time, the opening scenes had me tense and uncomfortable, so she did a damned good job of it even if she didn’t quite break all the way free. Viggo Mortensen was resplendent as Freud, and Michael Fassbender was…it would have seemed like a better performance if I’d seen it before I saw “Shame”, which I saw a couple weeks ago. It’s not that he wasn’t good, it’s that in this, in “Shame”, and indeed in “X-Men: First Class” he’s playing variations on a theme, and “Shame” is the most extreme of them, so this performance paled. And now, thank you, I’ve seen enough of Fassbender’s pain, we all know he can do it, I’d like to see him in a romantic comedy now please.

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