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I dreamed last night...

I dreamed this morning that I was a telepath. Unfortunately, I evidently could not quite suspend my own disbelief, because throughout the dream, every time I attempted to make telepathic contact and my hands were busy doing something else (I was sculpting a golem-girl who would become the companion to the brought-to-life golem boy who was bent on destroying the world because he was lonely, or something like that), I found myself saying to other people, "Could you please text-page Allison and tell her we need her here RIGHT NOW?" because after all, my hands were busy and I couldn't type in the page myself.

I cannot, however, tell if I was saying that out loud to people, or telepathically. Every time I tried to speak telepathically when my hands weren't busy, I felt like I was shouting into silence and nobody would answer, so I'm not sure if it worked. Although Allison (who looked like an X3 Halle Berry, which is a little strange, because the reason she was Allison was because she was my brother-in-law's mother Allison, and that Allison does not look at all like Halle Berry in any costume) did show up, perhaps more rapidly than she would have if someone else had had to page send telepathically summoned her. (Although she looked like Storm, and I expected her powers to be like Storm's, she appeared to be something more like a magic-user, or maybe her ability was to sculpt and bring things life, because I think she'd imbued the golem boy with a spirit (an evil one) and I couldn't get the golem girl to work but I expected her to be able to.)

I also kept thinking s allison=We need you NOW! and then thinking, "No, no, "s" is for *elves*, I'm not an elf, that won't work." A small part of my mind kept saying, "So? The code should work."

I am clearly deeply, deeply scarred by my years of MUSHing. :)

If I take today off from writing, I'm not going to finish the Chance stuff before April is over. The beatsheets are likely to be an all-day project (though maybe the fact that I'm rewriting them will help, sigh), and the first Chance script took me about 40 hours. I suspect I'll have to do quite a few of them before I start getting faster. Visualization is hard. *twists mouth*

We watched the last three episodes of season one La Femme Nikita last night. I'm glad the story doesn't stop there, because I'm really curious as to what happens next, but if the show had ended right there, I would have been completely happy with it. I think it hit its stride around the 6th episode. There were still some bits that made me snort, but overall I really started to enjoy it. It's episodic enough that there's none of the AUGH MUST WATCH ANOTHER EPISODE *AGH* IT'S FOUR IN THE MORNING that Alias had (thank God), but there's enough ongoing story to make me want to watch the next episode. I don't know when I'll watch the next season, 'cause I don't know if it'll fit with what I'm writing next (who knew I'd end up trying to match my tv to my writing, but I totally lost interest in Highlander when working on PHOENIX, and went all Nikita instead), but I look forward to getting back to it whenever I do. :)

This icon has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this post, but I think it is radically awesome and so I am using it. :)
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